Our Process

Manufacturing Process

At Aconbury Shepherd Huts, Hereford, our shepherd huts are built to last using traditional methods of construction and no compromise has been made in our pursuit to supply the best products possible.

Our design and manufacturing process enables us to build an excellent, high-quality shepherd hut to a traditional design by using modern materials whilst not losing any links with our rural heritage.

A good strong timber base using C16 grade structural timber forms the base which your hut is built up from. We are experts in bespoke design huts, so contact us to discuss your needs.

Visit us at Aconbury Shepherd Huts in Hereford. If you’d like to view the manufacturing process for one of our traditional hand built shepherd huts, our door is always open.  We’ll even provide a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.

1. Frame work

The timber frame work is built up off the base. Openings are formed for window fitting as required. Ceiling joists are added.

2. Manufacturing process

The complete hut, including floor, walls and ceiling are filled with high quality, modern, energy efficient insulation.

First we fix the electrics and then plumbing is installed.

3. A waterproof membrane

The hut is then covered in a breathable, waterproof membrane to prevent any sweating and condensation.

4. Coloured corrugated sheet

The exterior is then clad in Pre-finished corrugated sheeting to a colour of your choice. A swatch showing the colour options is included in this brochure.

5. Interior decor

The interior is ply lined (tongue and groove planking is also available) and decorated in your choice of colours. Second-fix electric and lighting is added. Windows and double glazed units are installed. Lastly, clean flooring is fitted.

6. Undercarriage

The steel sub-frames and undercarriage is added along with the wheels, drawbar and steps. (Picture shows them ready for installation).

Your completed shepherd hut

The final stage for our hand built shepherd huts is delivery to your site.  Out shepherd huts are used by a variety of customers for a variety of uses including:

Additional sleeping accommodation

Peaceful writing retreat

Craft room or studio

Glamping pods

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Endless customisation options

The options available for your hut are limitless. Here are a few examples of what can be installed.

Quality hand built components

Our traditional hand built shepherd huts support local craftsmen during the construction.

This means that we can specify any size of window and steel work as it is all hand built from scratch.

The steel work to the wheels, drawbar and under-carriage is by a local blacksmith. He makes it all using old bending equipment and a real old fashioned lathe for milling out the wheel hubs, axles, washers and other components.

The windows are made by a local joiner and are hand built to what ever size is required.